Discord Error Awaiting Endpoint

The “awaiting endpoint” error appears when Discord fails to establish a reliable connection, and this happens when the sender gets network issues. Check the smart Wi-Fi router, and if the power LED is blinking, restart the device.

A faulty ethernet cable could lead to this Discord error. Changing the router unit might resolve this problem, and it prevents users from joining game servers. Try to fix this complicated error at the earliest possible to continue playing the games.

Causes behind the Discord Error Awaiting Endpoint Error

The Discord users should know the reasons behind this Discord connection error. Otherwise, it might take ample time to resolve this issue.

Usually, it occurs when there is a server outage in Discord. Changing the server might eliminate the “Discord error awaiting endpoint”.

A corrupted or out-of-date Discord app can generate this issue. Besides, you can get this server error when Discord fails to connect to the servers. An unstable Wi-Fi connection could trigger this problem in the Discord app or website. Reset the network settings to overcome this communication error on this digital platform.

5 Easy Ways to Solve the Discord Error Awaiting Endpoint Issue

Restart the Windows or Mac device; sometimes it fixes this Discord error. Ensure the router and the PC/laptop is connected via an ethernet cable. Unplug this cable for a few minutes and reconnect it to the right laptop port.

Now, open the Discord app, and try connecting to the required servers. If it is still showing the “awaiting endpoint” message, follow these solutions:

Check the Discord server

First, the user should check if the Discord services are down. And, you need to access the Discord status website for that. Open a web browser, go to the URL bar and write “Discord status”. Press “Enter” and choose the right website from the searched results.

If there is a server outage, Discord will mention that on this status website. Wait until Discord resolves the issue, and then join the game services.

After opening the site, did you get the “All System Operational” message? This indicates the Discord servers are working properly.

Close this web page, open the application and check if you can stream the games. If the error persists, implement the next solutions to fix the problem.

Change the Server Region

Discord automatically selects the server region for the voice channel. And, if there is an internet outage in your region, Discord can’t connect to the servers. Change the server region to avoid getting the “Discord error awaiting endpoint” message.

Open the Discord app, log in to the account and right-click on the voice channel name. Tap on “Edit Channel” and move towards the “Region Override” tab. Set this option as “Automatic” and click “Save Changes”. Now, you can connect to the Discord servers without further network interference. Use the mobile app if the Discord website takes time to reload.

Restart the Discord App

In many cases, this error can be solved by restarting Discord. Close the app, go to the Start menu, and write “Task Manager” in the search bar. Or, you can press Ctrl, Shift, and Esc keys simultaneously to open this built-in tool.

Are you a Windows 10/11 user? Hold the Windows and I keys together, wait until the Settings menu opens, and go to the search box. Write “Task Manager”, and press “Enter” to open the Task Manager window. Head towards the “Apps” section and search for “Discord”.

Right-click on the app name choose “End Task” when the pop-up menu opens. Open Discord, and it won’t display the “awaiting endpoint” error message. If the error remains, close all the internet-based apps running in the PC’s background – these apps can conflict with Discord when connecting to the servers.

Check the Wi-Fi Speed

Discord users might not join the servers when there is no Wi-Fi connection. Check the network configuration immediately to eliminate this problem. Sometimes, the router fails to connect to the internet causing a “Discord error awaiting endpoint” error.

Update the wireless drivers from the Control Panel to restore the Wi-Fi connection. Further, you should check the Wi-Fi speed on Windows devices. Press the Windows and X keys together, choose “Settings”, and wait until the next window opens.

Select “Network & Internet” from the list and navigate to the “Status” section. Opt for the “Properties” option from the Network Status window. Now, click “Link Speed” to see the wireless router’s current speed. Additionally, you can open the Control Panel window from the Settings.

Select “Network and Sharing Center” and tap on “Change adapter settings”. Double-tap on the router name and go to “Speed” when the new window opens. If the speed is below 2 Mbps, you will face difficulty connecting to Discord. Disconnect the unwanted devices, and adjust the antennas to increase the Wi-Fi speed.

Use a reliable VPN Service

Discord might not establish a secure connection due to IP conflicts. Install a VPN app on the Windows or Mac laptop to connect the Discord to the servers. There are many free and paid VPN services available out there. Choose the one which has a different server location and router support.

Hold the Windows and I keys together, and choose “Network & Internet”. And, then click “VPN”, tap on “Add VPN”, and enter the VPN provider’s name. Write the connection and service name afterwards. Further, you need to provide the login details and choose “Save” once done. The “Discord error awaiting endpoint” message won’t pop up after setting up a VPN connection.

And, Lastly, Uninstall and Reinstall Discord

Remove this streaming service from the device and reinstall it to fix the error. Hold the Windows and X keys together, and choose “Apps & Features”. Locate the “App List”, go to the search box and write “Discord”. Right-click on Discord, and choose “Uninstall” from the pop-up menu.

Open a web browser to access Discord’s website. Tap on “Download” when it opens and choose the right OS. It might take at least 3-4 minutes to complete the app installation. Open Discord and enjoy uninterrupted live game streaming.

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