Discord Error API Outage

Discord allows the users to connect to the different servers to stream games. But, what if it shows a “disconnect” error message in the middle of streaming? You might think the problem is with the router in such a situation. However, this server connection loss indicates there is an API outage on Discord.

The Discord error API outage prevents users from using the voice chat services. Thus, try to fix this connectivity error at the earliest possible. Usually, Discord fixes this issue within a few minutes. But, if the error persists for a long time, restart the app to eliminate the problem.

Moreover, you should check the Discord app settings. Ensure the Ethernet cable is connected to the PC correctly. Unplug this cable and reconnect it to the laptop’s ethernet port after 2-3 minutes. Reboot the router and the device from where you use Discord. Reconfigure the router settings to resolve the API outage from Discord.

What Causes the Discord Error API Outage?

Several reasons cause the API outage in the Discord server. It could be because of using an incorrect proxy address. Discord won’t connect to the remote servers if the VPN doesn’t have UDP support. Besides, an unstable internet connection could lead to this Discord error.

An outdated Discord app doesn’t go with the latest API servers. And, this causes communication errors in the app’s selected servers. It will also prevent you from using the app’s new features. Update the Discord program to avoid getting the API outage.

Furthermore, the Windows Firewall Defender can conflict with Discord’s API. The router’s security options can block the app from establishing a connection. Sometimes, third-party antivirus software can cause issues while using Discord.

3 Easy Ways to Resolve the Discord Error API Outage

Many take an expert’s help to fix the API outage from Discord. But, you can do that without technical support by checking Discord’s status page. This page showed when the outage started and when the users could get back the connection.

Wait until then, restart the app and enjoy uninterrupted game streaming.

Is the API outage still there in the Discord server? Follow these solutions to overcome this complicated error from the app:

Change the Proxy Settings

Proxy servers don’t allow Discord to connect to the game servers. And, it also restricts the mobile app’s VoIP requirements. Remove the proxy addresses from the network settings to use Discord without hassle. First, hold the Windows and R keys together and write “cpl” when the Run box opens.

The “Internet Properties” window will appear on the screen. Head towards the “Connections” tab and opt for the “LAN settings” option. Toggle on the “Automatically detect settings” option from the next window. And, disable the “Use a proxy server for your LAN” option afterwards.

Ensure the “Bypass proxy server for local address” option is disabled. Press “Enter” or click “OK” to save the proxy settings changes. Open the Discord app, choose the game channel, click “Screen” to connect to the streaming server.

Reset the Wireless Router

Did you get the  Discord error API outage after changing the router settings? Reset the device to eliminate this server error from the app. And, there are two ways to revert a wireless router’s previous settings. You can either use the “Reset” button or its admin panel.

How to Restore a Router’s Default Settings with a Button?

Most wireless routers have a reset button on the back panel. Press that button with a small object for at least 15-30 seconds. Release the reset button when the router’s power light blinks. It indicates the router has reset the default factory settings. Turn on the Wi-Fi, open the Discord app to join the game servers without issues.

How to Reset a Wireless router from a Web GUI?

Router users can reset the factory settings from the web interface. Open a web browser, write the default Gateway IP and press “Enter” to open the login page. Provide the login information, click “Login” or “Sign in” to access the setup wizard.

Go to the “Advanced Settings”, click “System” and choose “Restore”. This option will be displayed as “Factory Default” in some routers. Tap on “Reset”, choose “OK” to start the resetting process.

The smart Wi-Fi router will restart automatically after the reset. Connect the PC to the smartphone, launch Discord and check if you have resolved the API outage. If the error remains, proceed to the next solution.

Reset the Gaming Device

Do you use Discord on a gaming console? Check its settings to troubleshoot the API outage immediately. You might have enabled some options that prevent Discord from connecting to remote servers.

And, resetting the gaming device will fix this issue from the app. The steps to reset the factory settings might vary from one gaming console to another.

How to Restore the Xbox’s Default Factory Settings?

Resetting the Xbox One or Xbox X is pretty easy. Restore the account details and games before doing that. And, there are three ways to reset this gaming console. Users can use “Settings”, a USB drive or the Pair and Eject key combos.

Turn on the gaming console, press the “Xbox” button and click “Profile & system”. Tap on “Settings”, move towards “System”, and select “Console Info”. Further, you need to choose “Reset console” when the next page opens. Click “reset and remove everything”, wait for a few minutes and open Discord. It won’t further cause the API outage when using voice services.

How to Restore the PlayStation’s Default Factory Settings?

Open the gaming console’s Settings menu to choose “Initialization”. Click “Initialise PSX” and select “Full” when the next page appears. Here, “X” denotes the PlayStation series. The gaming device will restore the hardware settings within 5-6 minutes. Open the Discord app after that and use it without server outage issues.

And, Lastly, Open Discord’s Support Page…

Submit a request to “Discord Support” if the status page doesn’t display an API outage. The support team will send an email with the solutions to fix the error. Or, you can update the Discord app from the PlayStore or App Store to resolve the API outage.

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