Discord Error 404 Snake Game

Discord Error 404 is meant to occur when there’s an interrupted internet connection, enabled Discord overlays, etc. It’s really frustrating when you are stuck with the error while discussing something important over the chat service.

Sometimes, there might be a server error, and there’s nothing you can do rather than wait for the error to be resolved. But, there’s a secret game behind the Discord error 404. You can play the Discord error 404 Snake game while waiting to resolve the issue.

You might be familiar with Google’s jumping dinosaur that appears when you can’t connect to the internet. The Discord error 404 Snake game is similar to that, called the Snek game.

The error 404 generally shows up when the server can’t find the requested page on the internet. If you have entered a URL that doesn’t exist, you are more likely to create this error.

But, the good news is that you can pass your time with the Discord error 404 Snake game or the Snek game.

Let’s see how you can play the game. Additionally, we will provide you with a few solutions to eliminate the Discord error 404.

How to Enter the Discord Error 404 Snake Game?

If you view the Discord error 404 page, this is the gateway to enter and play the Discord error 404 Snake game. It can be the web page, the page, or the app page you are currently using.

Follow the instructions below to play the game:

The Discord error 404 page shows a hamster trying to fix the glitch. Look around and locate a secret button right next to the hamster. The button has a blue outline to distinguish it from the surrounding.

Click that blue-outlined button. This enables the button to redirect you to the Discord Snek game. You need to click the option that says, ‘Push Snek’. The next window will show you the game controls, and you will learn how to play the game.

For example, you can press the Enter key to start the game. Additionally, you can press the navigation or arrow keys to move around, also called WASD keys. Finally, you can exit the Discord error 404 Snake game by pressing the Esc key.

What’s the Motto of the Game?

Every game comes with a win and defeats trait. To win the Discord error 404 Snake game, you have to move your Snek and collect the scattered objects. If you have played the original Snake game, it’s pretty much similar to this. You have to move the snake and collect items without touching the borders.

Additionally, the more your snake collects items, the longer it will grow. If it crashes with itself, then the game is over. The more points you collect through items, the more you can score. Even though you get a few points, you can see the ‘Win’ message on the screen.

It’s fun when you wait for the Discord error 404 to be solved. On the other hand, you can press the Enter key to reset the Snek game.

There’s another important note for those who love playing the Discord Snek game. There are different collectables with different points. For example, an apple comes with a single point, whereas an egg is a three-pointer. There are bigger rewards than these, as well. Therefore, make smart moves and collect items with bigger reward points to score high.

Ways to Eliminate the Discord Error 404

No doubt, the Discord error 404 Snake game feels nostalgic and invokes our childhood memories. But, the Discord error 404 can be frustrating. And, we are sure that you don’t want to hang out with the same error all the time.

Yes, the Snek game might appear to be challenging. You mainly need the Discord platform for chatting, not for playing the same Snek game, right?

Hence, you need to overcome the Discord error 404 if the error is on your side. The error can appear due to an unstable internet connection, background data conflicts, and firewall obstructions.

Let’s see how you can fix the glitch.

Double-Check the Internet Connectivity

Discord depends on a stable internet connection. Without that, it’s common to experience error 404. Check, if everything is fine with the internet connectivity. If not, you can reset the network components.

Simply, detach the power supply from your router. Wait for a while and plug the power cable back into the router. Turn on the router and notice if the error persists.

Restart the Discord App

If you can’t use Discord services only and the internet services are fluent, then this is what you should do. Simply exit the application and restart it after a few minutes. Additionally, you can visit the Task Manager and locate the application.

Click on it and select the ‘End Task’ option. This will eliminate every single task related to the Discord app. Now, you can launch the application.

Deactivate Discord Overlays

Enabled overlays can create the glitch, and you have to play the Discord error 404 Snake game. Here’s how you can disable Discord overlays:

When you are on the Discord app, head towards its Settings. Locate the Game Overlay option. Toggle the ‘Enable Game Overlay’ option to its Disabled position.

Now, you should quit the Discord interface. Relaunch the game to refresh the connection and its features.

What if the Discord Error 404 Still Exists?

The experience with the Discord error 404 Snake game might be a pleasure, but it will turn boring if you can’t solve the error. Try disabling the built-in Windows Defender Firewall on your PC and check if the error resolves.

Otherwise, you can whitelist the Discord app on the firewall. In addition to this, you can launch the Discord web interface on any web browser. Make sure that you sign in with your valid credentials to get your achievements and communication history back.