Discord Ban Error

Discord is one of the leading platforms where you can carry out a chatting process through text, voice, and video conversations. This is a perfect tool for online gamers and other users for community-friendly chatting and debates. However, Discord is not free from glitches. Worldwide users have been reporting about Discord ban errors.

There are two types of Discord ban error – First, the server might ban a user or a guild from accessing a definite community server. And, the second type of ban restricts users from using any kind of Discord services.

Fortunately, you can bypass Discord ban errors with some easy tricks. The easiest way to get unbanned on Discord is to take the help of a Virtual Private Network.

Let’s check out why you can get banned on Discord and how you can address the issue.

Why do Discord Ban Errors Occur?

According to Discord users and experts, there are numerous reasons behind any Discord ban error. We have compiled a list of possible causes that can lead to Discord bans.

However, reasons can be unknown and undiscovered. Here’s what we have found so far:

  • Violation of Discord’s terms and conditions of the service
  • The suspicious IP address of any user
  • Consistently targeting a specific user with abusive or unwanted messages or friend requests
  • Participation in raids on servers
  • Creation of spam accounts
  • Content sharing and that content can violate copyright laws
  • Trolling anyone
  • Sharing pornography
  • Promoting suicide or anything related to self-harm
  • Additionally, not appropriately labelling NSFW channels

In other words, if you do anything illegal that doesn’t abide by the terms and conditions of the Discord services, you can encounter a Discord ban error. In addition to this, an admin can ban any user.

You can receive two types of bans, as said earlier. A server ban means that the administrator has blocked you, but you can still use Discord services.

On the other hand, if Discord has kicked you with a platform ban, this means removing your Discord account. You can’t join Discord with the same IP address, phone number, and account details anymore.

However, Discord might warn you before it bans you or deletes your account. Generally, Discord provides a month-long timespan to revert things before it takes any further steps regarding the deletion of your account.

How to Resolve Discord Ban Errors?

If you have experienced a Discord ban error, then there are several solutions to get this over. You can reach out to the server administrator or simply switch to a VPN to get rid of this issue.

Let’s check out all possible solutions for eradicating Discord ban errors.

Utilise a Virtual Private Network

First, you have to erase Discord data and uninstall the application from the device. Then, register for a VPN service. Choose any reliable VPN service, and you’re good to go.

Connect to the Server Admin or Customer Support Team

If you feel that the server admin has banned you from using Discord services, you should contact the admin. In this way, you can get unbanned on the Discord platform.

If it’s a platform ban, then it’s Discord’s customer support whom you should contact. They will tell you why they have banned you and what you must do to bypass the restriction.

Try with Another Network

Chances are there that Discord might ban your IP address as it feels suspicious. You can install the Discord application on your mobile phone or any other device with a different IP address. Additionally, you can use another network for accessing Discord.

How to Remove Discord Ban Error on Windows PC

Here are the detailed steps that you can execute on any Windows computer. Go through the instructions carefully and eliminate Discord ban errors from your Windows computer.

  1. Quit the Discord application. Launch a Run dialog box by pressing the Windows and R keys at once. Type in ‘%appdata%’ and click the OK button. It will take you to the C drive on your computer. Make sure that no folder remains hidden. Go to the View tab and check the box next to the ‘Hidden items’ option to view hidden content.
  2. The AppData folder should be visible and navigate to the Local folder inside this folder.
  3. Locate the Discord folder in the content of the Local folder. Right-click on it and delete the Discord folder.
  4. After that, you need to start the VPN service. Connect your Windows PC to the VPN server to get a new IP address.
  5. Next, you have to reinstall the Discord application.
  6. Open the app and sign up using a new email address.
  7. You can log in to the Discord server on which you were banned once.

After you have signed in to the Discord app, you can quit using the Virtual Private Network.

Method to Unblock Discord Ban Errors on Mac

Like Windows OS, macOS has dedicated steps to remove the ban on the Discord application. Here’s what you need to follow:

  1. Make sure that you have closed the Discord app.
  2. You need to delete the following folder: ~/Library/Application Support/Discord.
  3. Once you navigate to the above-mentioned path, select the Discord folder and move it to Trash.
  4. Ensure that you empty the Trash and restart your device.
  5. Reinstall the Discord application from a trusted source.
  6. Connect to your preferable VPN server and get a new IP address.
  7. Then, you have to launch the Discord application.
  8. Create a new account with a new email address. There are tons of free email services such as Gmail, Outlook, etc.
  9. As soon as you sign in to Discord, join the server on which you encounter the Discord ban error.

Hopefully, you can access the server now. You can stop VPN services after you are done creating a new IP address.

Final Words….

You have successfully removed the Discord ban error, irrespective of your system’s operating system. Ensure that you don’t violate any terms and conditions furthermore. Additionally, choose a trusted and compatible VPN service to create a new IP address. If the issue persists, contact Discord’s customer support team.

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