Chromecast vs Roku

In earlier days, television was the only medium of receiving multimedia entertainment. TVs were the only source for watching movies, news, sports, music, etc. But today we can watch each of these things on our phones and also outside our house. All these have become possible for the rise in streaming services. 

However, with the introduction of smart TVs, you can access these services on your TV with the help of streaming devices. Among the streaming devices in the market, the best ones are Chromecast and Roku. Many of you may be facing difficulty in choosing between the two. So, to make your work easier, I will be discussing the difference between Chromecast and Roku in this article.    

Chromecast Vs Roku 

As I said earlier that both of them are good. Both of them have features which are better than the other and also some common features as well. So, let’s start with the common features first.

The Common Features 

These features make them the best streaming device out there.

HD Videos

Chromecast and Roku, both are capable of offering very good quality HD videos. You can connect them to your TV set with the HDMI cable and then connecting the device with your Wi-Fi network of the house. The bandwidth of the internet also plays a very important part in this. If the bandwidth provided by your internet provider is sufficient enough to handle HD videos, you will face no problem. 

The basic models of both the Chromecast and Roku can support the standard streaming in HD. However, if you have a 4K TV set, then you will need something more to take full advantage of your TV. Both of them are capable of delivering that too.  

Apps For Mobiles

Both of them provide very easy-to-use apps for smartphones and tablets on the platform of iOS and Android.

Content Availability

Both of them offer good content from many free and premium streaming services. You will never face any lack of content with either of them. 

The Setup Process Is Very Easy

The process for setting up both devices is quite easy. All you have to do is keep your passwords near you. 

The Difference 

Now, let us see a discussion about Chromecast vs Roku. And, what are the features that make them different from one another?

Finding The Things You Want To Watch

In Roku, after the short start-up, you will be able to browse through the easily navigatable, and well-stacked screen containing apps and channel names. You can use both the official app and the Roku remote for navigating the screen. These are very responsive and you will use a D-pad with an OK button for selecting the options.

On the other hand, in the case of the Chromecast, you are not provided with any remote. Unlike the centralized space for the option on Roku, you have to cast from the apps of your choice on your laptop, tablets or smartphones. This can be a less convenient method for most people. But for those who watch videos on their mobile phones quite often, they may find this process familiar.  A very minimal control is provided by the homepage of Google while you are casting. But, most of the control needs to be done from the app that you are streaming from. 

In Chromecast vs Roku, the most advantage is provided by Roku with its easy navigation.

Voice Control 

In the field of voice control, Google is the clear winner. If you are using a properly set-up Google Home unit or Google Assistant, you just have to say “Hey Google, followed by any name of any song or media and the place where you want to play it”, and it will play it there. This feature is very impressive as do not have to physically move to play it.

You can also control Roku with the help of Googe Assistant by using some easy set-up procedures. Google Home is capable of connecting with a limited number of content providers, but Chromecast has the ability to connect to a wide variety of channels. 

Variety of Apps AndChannels

Roku has over 8,600 listed apps and channels. It includes popular free TV such as HBO, NBC, CBS, and ABC. There are also many others to choose from. On the other hand, Chromecast has over 2,600 listed apps. These apps contain all the top providers and are common on both of them.  

But, the one top content provider the Chromecast misses out on is the Amazon Prime Video. It is home to many of the high-rated content. And the inability to stream natively to nationwide fans for the Prime Originals makes Roku the only choice. Hence for this difference between Chromecast and Roku, Roku is the better option.  

The Buying and The Whole Experience 

The product lineup of Chromecast is very simple and has aggressive price tags. Their lineup contains 2 products:

  1. Chromecast: It is priced at $35. It is capable of playing videos in 1080p HD quality.
  2. Chromecast Ultra: It is priced at $69. It can play videos in a 4K HD setting.

The setup process of the Chromecast is very easy. You have to plug into the HDMI port of your TV, and then log in to your account in Google from the application Google Home. After that, you have to connect your Chromecast with the Wi-Fi network of your house. Then, log in to the account of yours in the streaming service provider’s app. Then you just have to select the thing you want to watch.

However, in the case of Roku, you will get seven different options. And, all of these options are capable of streaming videos of 1080p HD quality at the minimum. The price of Roku options starts from $29.99. And, the top model of Roku, which is called the Roku Ultra comes at $99.99. 

The setup process of Roku is a bit more complicated than Chromecast. First of all, you have to create an account on Roku. You will also need to give your credit card number. Then you have to log in to the account of the streaming service which you want to access. Roku takes a lot of time in taking you through the process of setting it up. This can seem to be a bit long for some people.

Hence, we can say that here, Chromecast is the winner.

Comparative Analysis

Now the time has come to decide which of the two will be a more value for money option. Both the Roku and Chromecast have their list of advantages and disadvantages. So, by considering all the points, according to me, Roku is the most appropriate option. 

Although Chromecast has a very simple lineup of products and a very attractive price, it is not a better option. The dedicated remote, content offering and ease of usage are what make Roku the better option. But, the unavailability of Amazon on Chromecast is what made a big difference in this comparison. With such good quality content on Amazon Prime Videos, its presence makes Roku the winner.


So, as you have known from the difference between Chromecast and Roku discussed above, Roku is the better option of the two. Now you can go for Roku without a doubt and enjoy all the different streaming services and the shows it offers. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Does chromecast have apps like Roku?

Google’s device supports casting and casting from iOS apps or other platforms that support Chromecast from Android devices.

Is chromecast faster than Roku?

Both companies produce streaming media players, each for variety of reasons recognisable. 
You can transmit content more quickly, stream from your devices to your television, and pair it with voice control connected home device. 
Roku’s home entertainment game is also intensifying.

Is there a monthly fee for Roku?

No monthly rental fees for Roku’s equipment. The addition of a payment method allows you to rent/purchase movies or subscribe to popular services such as Netflix on demand.