Best Sites like Mercari

Mercari is a popular eCommerce marketplace designed for buying and selling products online. From the latest gaming consoles to fashion products, you can get everything from this site. More than 40 million entrepreneurs and consumers access Mercari to buy/sell items. Besides, this online site is legitimate and safe to use.

Mercari provides an avenue to earn money using its platform. Besides, consumers can purchase unique fashion or office products from this site. However, Mercari is not the only marketplace to buy or sell anything. There are several Mercari alternatives available for merchants and buyers. Before using any site like Mercari, ensure it offers instant payment options.

Do you have a high-end product to sell but want to ensure you get the right price? Look for an online marketplace that gives the best price for such products. Don’t forget to check the shipping charges on the site as Mercari takes. Moreover, the eCommerce site should have an easy user interface.

Now, let’s find out the popular sites like Mercari for online shopping or selling:

1. OfferUp

OfferUp is the best alternative to Mercari for second-hand selling. This site eliminates shipping costs and includes the seller’s local listings. It was previously known as “LetGo”. Recently, OfferUp acquired this site to expand its consumer base. 

From clothing to electronic gadgets to antiques, you can sell anything via OfferUp. Moreover, OfferUp offers a safe way to communicate with buyers and sellers through the site. Users can get the best deals and offers on trendy clothing items on this site.

Here are the reasons to OfferUp for shopping or selling products online:

  • If you want to sell something across the country, go for Offerup.
  • It provides flexible payment options, including bank transfers to users.
  • Sellers who frequently access the site get free subscriptions.
  • OfferUp doesn’t charge additional charges or service fees. 

2. Poshmark

Poshmark is the ultimate marketplace to buy fashion items from top brands like Nike. Unlike Mercari, this site focuses more on clothing and accessories. Thus, if you are looking for an eCommerce site to buy gadgets, Poshmark is not the right place. 

This online marketplace is popular among the reselling community. They allow the sellers to list higher prices and unique products. However, Poshmark will remove your listing if you add something which is already available on the site. 

This site charges a 20% fee on sales over $15 and a flat rate of $2.95 for low-priced items.

Here are the exclusive features of Poshmark, a site like Mercari:

  • There are millions of buyers to purchase your items online.
  • More goods and products are available to suit your needs and budget.
  • Users can buy items at lower than the retailer’s price.
  • You can replace the worn-out items on Poshmark.
  • It offers antique dishware, vintage dresses and jewellery.
  • Tap the “make an offer” button to negotiate the product’s price with sellers.

3. eBay

You must have heard about this eCommerce platform, right? eBay is the world’s largest online buying and selling platform. You can buy fashion accessories, electronics, and sports equipment from the site. Moreover, eBay offers 8%-50% discounts on products for online buyers.

Moreover, eBay is also an easy-to-use platform. It allows merchants to list up to 150 products every month. There is no need to pay any service fees to sell your products. Besides, eBay has a customer satisfaction rating of 76% as of 2021. Butters on eBay have protection against scams and data breaches.

Here is the list of benefits eBay offers to consumers or sellers:

  • This site has great search engine optimisation, which helps you to find the products quickly that you’re looking for.
  • Sellers can get generate more profit per sale using eBay.
  • The lower shipping cost makes the product listing more appealing to buyers.
  • eBay offers the latest phones, laptops, smartwatches and home appliances at a fixed rate.

4. Shpock

Shpock is not just a platform for buying or selling products, it’s more than that. It provides the best offers on unique products. This online site allows sellers to list countless products for free. Moreover, Shpock offers a buyer protection program which can be purchased by pressing the “Buy Now” button.

In Shpock, the product’s sale is legally binding between the buyer and seller. Either the party has to accept or confirm the deal. Sellers can cancel the deal before the buyer confirms the legal agreement. Shpock introduced the “Shpock Wallet for hassle-free and reliable online transactions.

Here are the advantages of using the Shpock website: 

  • Finding the potential buyer is easier from this online marketplace.
  • Users don’t need to create an account to buy/sell products.
  • You can buy and sell items online at any time and from any platform. 
  • With its “Chat” feature, you can connect to buyers/sellers easily.
  • Each seller has a rating, which helps you to know their credibility.

5. Carousell

Carousell is an online store, like Mercari, which sells books, furniture and even cards. It is a one-stop shop to buy your required products. This website has an easy interface and doesn’t charge any listing fees or commissions. Besides, you can easily find the products you need using its quick search button.

However, Carousell is not accessible from countries like the U.S. or Dubai. It is only available in a few countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan. 

You can also access this eCommerce platform from New Zealand and Canada. Moreover, setting up an account in Carousell is completely free and simple.

Carousell offers the following benefits to merchants and online buyers:

  • Save the costly online shopping expenses by grabbing the best deal on Carousel.
  • Sellers can engage with their customers using the “Chat” function.
  • You can pay for the item online without worrying about data threats.
  • Carousell allows merchants to find their nearby buyers easily.
  • You can ask the sellers for the products’ pictures before purchasing.

Alternative Sites like Mercari that are Worth Using in 2023

You can buy and sell unique fashion products on Depop. It is another online marketplace, like Mercari, which deals with leading fashion brands. Besides, this website is easy to use and safe from online predators. 

Go to the search bar and write the product’s name that you’re looking for. Click “Buy now” to purchase the item online. Additionally, you can buy or sell fashion items on Vinted. It is a top-rated online marketplace which has 25 million users. Besides, listing your products on this platform is pretty easy and simple. 

Vinted is currently available in countries like the U.S.A, U.K, Spain, Poland, Germany and France. So, what are you waiting for? Choose a reliable eCommerce site and get your favourite products reasonably priced.

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