Best Shopify Add-ons

Shopify has made it extremely easy for people to sell online straight out of the box. But did you know tons of Shopify apps can help you boost sales in your business?

The only problem is that with the vast number of Shopify Integrations in the market, it can be very tough to find suitable ones for your business. You can’t have an increase in sales without the right tools and apps. In this article, you’ll discover the best Shopify add-ons that are suitable for your business.

What are the best Shopify integrations for boosting sales in your business?

These are the best Shopify add-ons for promoting your business:

  1. OptinMonster

This is the best Shopify app for customer conversion. It allows you to drive more email subscribers, drastically reduces cart abandonment, and boosts your overall sales conversion.

Among all the marketing apps on this list, OptinMonster ranks as No. 1 because of its remarkable ability to increase sales instantly.

Here is a list of companies that experienced huge conversion optimization using OptinMonster:

  • Cosmetic Capital had a 300% increase in their leads using a floating bar opt-in
  • With OptinMonster’s responsive pop-ups, White River increased its sales by 35%
  • The Eczema Company had an instant 2.5X boost in conversion rates after switching to an Optin pop-up.
  • Currently, Scott Wyden Imagery is using OptinMonster to recover 21% of their abandoned shopping carts

The optinmonster app works perfectly with Shopify. It also had 1-click integrations for the best email marketing services and CRM software.

The app is also very easy to use. First, you log into OptinMonster to set up a dynamic campaign such as pop-up, slide-in scroll boxes, and even a glamified spin-to-win campaign.

OptinMonster has several dozens of pre-made templates that have been proven to increase conversions. But you can use the drag and drop builder to customize any template of your choice.

The integration also comes with eCommerce templates that allow you to provide discounts, coupons, reduce the number of unused shopping carts, generate prospects, and other incentives that boost customer conversion.

After choosing or customizing the template of your choice, you can utilize the app’s most powerful customization and targeting display set-ups to show the appropriate offer to the right client at the proper time.

Here are some other amazing features of OptinMonster that most users love:

  • Reduce cart abandonment: Using Exit-Intent┬« Technology, you can display one last custom-tailored offer to your abandoning clients before they leave your website. This allows you to turn them into potential leads are customers.
  • Boost sales and conversion rates: You can easily set up, upsell, downsell, or cross-sell offers to increase sales.
  • Show targeted promotions: You can display free shipping banners to your customers, promote flash sales, etc., based on factors such as referral source, geo-location, previous onsite behavior, and user’s device.
  • Targeted offers: Use your knowledge of your visitors and their preferences to set up OnSite Retargeting┬« campaigns and improve conversion rates.
  • Grow your email list: You can integrate your favorite email marketing platforms, content management platforms, and CRM platforms to automate your website.
  1. TrustPulse

TrustPulse helps you leverage social proof and build trust with your visitors by displaying a small pop-up notification of real-time activities other customers have done while on your site.

Shoppers, especially new ones, tend to trust other shoppers’ recommendations over advertisers (92% of them precisely) before making a purchase. Using TrustPulse, you can maximize your customers’ real activity to increase your site conversions by up to 15%.

Key Features of TrustPulse:

  • Email list sign-ups, Real-time event tracking for purchases, demo registrations, etc.
  • Smart targeting to increase conversion rates using advanced targeting rules and timing controls.
  • “On fire” notifications to show the number of people taking action in a given period.
  • Unique designs you can choose from to complement your brand.
  • Applicable analytics to give you the numbers you need to increase conversion rates.
  • Easy to set up on any platform without coding.

TrustPulse plans cost $5 per month for almost 2,500 sessions.

  1. PushEngage

This add-on is a push notification platform that allows you to boost your business sales. Using this app, you can create custom notifications to deal with cart abandonment and communicate with your customers while they’re on site. That will help increase the traffic on your site. Amazingly, installing this app requires just one click.

Here is a list of some web push notifications you can send to your visitors:

  • Notify your visitors when there’s a price reduction.
  • Use inventory alerts to update customers when a product is back in stock.
  • Send notifications to the targeted segments to boost higher open rates.

What are the best Shopify add-ons for email marketing

These integrations enable you to set up email campaigns to increase your business sales.

1. Constant Contact

According to POSQuote, a major player in the POS systems market, Constant Contact is among the largest email marketing services. It’s an excellent Shopify marketing app with several great features: drag and drop function, themes, email automation, and A/B testing. This Shopify plugin allows you to personalize emails based on your customers’ purchase history and assess how much revenue your emails bring in.

2. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is an email and SMS integration for businesses. It enables you to run several targeted Shopify marketing campaigns when it’s integrated with your Shopify store. SendinBlue also allows you to categorize your customers according to their purchase history.

3. Drip

Drip is a heavy-duty marketing tool that integrates with Shopify. You can use it to automate your emails and categorize your subscribers. Drip enables you to collect feedback from your customers with ease and create email campaigns to deal with cart abandonment.

Your dashboard displays which emails drive the most sales on your website and allows you to analyze them. With Drip, you can thoroughly analyze how much revenue per person is being generated by each email.

What are the best Shopify add-ons for marketing?

These Shopify marketing Integrations allow you to create engaging content that improves your visibility online.

1.Candy Rack

Candy Rack is one of the most effective upsell/cross-sell Shopify app available in the market(source). You should know that if you’re not upselling or cross-selling your customers, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Upsells are offered through a non-intrusive pop-up on the product page displayed as soon as the customer clicks on the Add to Cart button. The pop-up has a pyramid layout so that every upsell or cross-sell resembles an add-on to the main product.

Apart from the distinct method of offering upsells, Candy Rack also has tons of additional features such as true upsells, auto-upsells (designed using the Shopify Product Recommendation API), and design/messaging customization. With Candy Rack, you get a 14-day free trial, and the price starts at $39.99 per month.

2.Referral Candy

Word of mouth is still a very powerful source of advertising. If your customer is satisfied, they will tell other people about your business. So, if you don’t have any referral programs, you’re not maximizing your sales.

Referral Candy is one of the best Shopify add-ons that allows you to create incentives to make your customers refer to their friends. You can select any reward you prefer to ensure unlimited referrals.

The Referral Candy system comes with automated reward delivery, referral reminders and a dashboard that you can use to track referrals where you can track referrals. The price of this app begins at $49 per month.

3. Rewards

Loyalty programs are very important despite customers’ tendency to move from one brand to another. Customers love engaging with brands and easily gravitate towards those with personalized services and rewards. allows you to set up loyalty programs on your online store to attract more devoted customers who can increase your revenue with concurrent purchases. It also enables you to give out reward points to your visitors when they create an account, share your products on their social media pages, and follow the York brand.

Although you can get these features for free, you can upgrade to give additional rewards to your most loyal customers and have the freedom to customize your loyalty program. For the upgrade, pricing starts at $50/month.

4.Plugin SEO

Plugin SEO is a worthy addition to this list as it enables you to find, troubleshoot, and fix search engine optimization (SEO) issues to drive more traffic to your store.

It’s a free app that automatically scans for problems with page titles and descriptions, structure, speed, etc. It comes with code snippets you can use to fix any of these issues yourself.

The app has other features such as bulk editing, structured data support, and multilingual SEO. However, to enjoy these features, you have to purchase the app’s pro version, which is $20/month.


Having a Shopify store for your business is an excellent idea. However, you will need to maximize certain Integrations if you want to get more sales.

These Shopify add-ons are the best for your business, and they are also very affordable. You can use multiple add-ons that best suit your business and enjoy a significant increase in sales and conversions.

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