Best Playmaking Badges 2K22

Playmaking badges are essential to track down the NBA player’s progress. And, it allows you to showcase the best gaming skill. Post moves and body control falls under the playing category. The gamers need to learn these tactics to defend the opponent team. The NBA will give you a badge after reaching a certain game level.

However, unlocking the playmaking badges might be challenging. You need to collect badge points in the NBA 2K22 game. And, these scores are given based on your expertise in each skill on the basketball court.

For instance, you will get the Slithery Finisher if you are a good defender. Likewise, the player will get playmaking badges if they have excellent dribbling skills.

Did you learn how to pass the ball in the NBA 2K22? Then, collect more points in each game to get the playmaking badge. But, the developers have increased the difficulty level in this NBA version.

Thus, you need to play more to collect the playmaking badge points. Moreover, the gamers can play NBA 2K22 from consoles, computers and smartphones.

Install this multiplayer game and get the following playmaking badges:

1. Break Starter

This badge improves a player’s ability to make outlet passes during a rebound. But, do you know the point of getting this playmaking badge? Start a game and check the point on the scoreboard when it ends. Head to “Fast Break” or “Transition” and tap on “Potential Upgrades”.

The potential upgrade score should be 20 or higher. Getting this badge point won’t be easy, especially for the passers. However, passing the ball after a rebound to a lead runner can help you to get this badge. It ensures guaranteed assists and points on the scoreboard.

Which Kind of Player Needs a Break Starter Badge in NBA 2K22?

Rebounders should get this playmaking badge. It’s one of the few badges that the NBA offers in the updated version of the game. This badge is introduced in NBA 2K22. So, you might not find the Break Starter badge in NAB 2K21 or NBA 2K20.

2. Quick First Step

Losing defenders should be the prime object for the playmakers. You will need to make decent passes on the court to eliminate them from the game. And, apply your dribbling skill to achieve that in the game. Or, the NBA 2K22 players can simply work on to earn the Quick First Step badge.

This playmaking badge lets ball handlers make quick moves after size-ups. Additionally, you pass the ball even if the defender is in a triple-threat position. Quick First Step is essential for gamers to improve their basketball offence.

Which Kind of Player Should Get The Quick First Step Badge?

This is a must-have playmaking badge for the slashers. It will help you to get more points in each badge level of NBA 2K22. And, this badge will be effective for players who fall for a dribble move. Quick First Step will be effective when the defender goes for a “Steal” move.

3. Unpluckable

A defensive player can strip the ball easily from an offensive player. And, once the ball falls to the ground, the playmakers will lose that game round. Unlock the Unpluckable badge to reduce the chances of losing in NBA 2K22.

Moreover, the developers added new animations to the game this year. But, you can only update the game characters after getting this playmaking badge. The players requested “Unpluckable” in the previous game version. However, the NBA somehow didn’t manage to add this badge.

Unpluckable becomes a downright requirement in NBA 2K22. Do you have excellent dribbling skills? Then, collect 30 badge points to earn this playmaking badge. It will help you to score in the 1v1 matches. Moreover, guards can dribble outside the arc along with slashers.

The wings may also dribble inside the arc. And, there can be other players who will be dribbling near the court. There are a few badges that can cover all these scenarios. Thus, the Unpluckable badge is highly valued in the NBA 2K22 game.

Which kind of Player should Work for the Unpluckable Badge?

The best players know how important it is to hold onto the ball. Anyone who dribbles the ball in traffic should get the “Unpluckable” badge. And, you need to score at least one point to use the badge in the game. Slashers should also consider “Unpluckable” as a mandatory badge.

4. Tight Handles

This badge helps the players to improve their ability to break down the defenders. You can stop the defender in any basketball position with Tight Handles. It is one of the best playmaking badges of NBA 2K22. Furthermore, the gamers can enhance their ball-handling skills with it.

The AI opponents don’t always fall for the dribbling moves. However, you can win the in-game tournaments utilising the Tight Handles badge. It makes the NBA player’s moves more effective and ensures victory in 5v5 matches.

But, when should you use Tight Handles in NBA 2K22? It is important to know how this badge works for that. It activates automatically when you use dribble moves. And, this badge increases the probability of knocking down the defenders.

Which kind of Players need the Tight Handles Badge in NBA 2K22?

This playmaking badge works the best when paired with dribble moves. Tight Handles are important for guards who like to shoot three-point balls. Aim for the Silver Tight Handles to get more benefits. This badge increases the player’s speed and acceleration. Combine ‘Unlockable”, and “Stop-to-Badges” with Tight Handles against the defenders.

What are the other Best Playmaking Badges 2k22 in the NBA?

Stop-to-Go is another important playmaking badge of this game. It improves the player’s control to stop and start the ball in competitive matches. And, this badge is meant for shooters who like to dribble either at three-point or mid-range.

Additionally, the shooter should unlock the Post Playmaker badge. It will allow you to pass the ball to a shooter out of the basketball post. This badge boosts the player’s next shot who receives the ball from the post player. So, get 30+ assists to unlock the Post Playmaker badge.

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