Offline iPhone Games

In the age of unlimited data and network connection, lots of high-end games are available for iPhones. However, those games might exploit your data and iPhone resources. Well, you can install a few offline games on your iPhone, and they can act as an immediate stress-buster.

Are you looking for the best offline iPhone games that don’t demand internet connectivity to swipe away your monotony? We have listed all the trending and interesting offline games for iPhones. 

Let’s review them so that you can pick up your favourites.

1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Are you more into the car racing genre? Then, you will love Asphalt 8: Airborne among all the other best offline iPhone games here. Though the original Asphalt: Legend isn’t accessible offline, you can install Asphalt 8: Airborne on your iOS device. The game brings you unlimited adventures and keeps you addicted.

Own powerful cars to make your own way and smash other cars to achieve victory on over 40 tracks. What’s more, you can enable the multiplayer option that permits you to enjoy the gameplay with 10 players or more. 

Here are some of Asphalt 8: Airborne’s key features that you should be aware of:

  • Players can upgrade their cars with new signs of progress
  • Similarly, new locations will be unlocked with new progress
  • Diverse gaming modes and countless challenges
  • Stunning career events
  • You can play the game offline

2. Alto’s Adventure or Alto’s Odyssey

Wi-Fi connectivity is not possible everywhere. But, you can play Alto’s Adventure, where you’re struggling to connect to an internet connection. This offline game gives you the role-play of an infinite runner, Alto. Play the game as Alto on your iPhone and keep skiing.

You can make Alto ski up and down using touch controls. Additionally, Alto can collect points by performing tricks. If you want an improved version of Alto’s Adventure, then you can switch to Alto’s Odyssey. 

Here are a few things that alto’s Odyssey has to offer you:

  • Better graphics experience
  • Lots of new characters
  • New locations are unlocked
  • Improved gameplay compared to the previous version

3. Soul Knight

This free-to-play offline iPhone game might steal your heart if you are a fan of rogue-lite games. At every level, the map gets generated randomly, and so do the enemies. You need to defeat your enemies to clear the level and rank up.

The mission of Soul Knight is to get the magical stone back from the aliens who have stolen it. The game offers exciting gameplay and decent graphics to keep you hitched. Moreover, the game is easy to learn, and you can easily fight against your opponents. 

We found the following things interesting about Soul Knight:

  • You can discover lots of dungeon experience
  • Soul Knight offers more than 120 weapons
  • The game has lots of characters as heroes to explore
  • Additionally, the game comes with in-app purchases

4. Subway Surfers

Endless running games are quite fun, and Subway Surfers is more than that. It has never failed to keep its players on edge. Subway Surfers challenges you with running efficiently while dodging obstacles simultaneously. Additionally, its impressive graphics will never bore you.

On the other hand, you can enjoy this game offline too, and collect coins, regards, and more. Explore new locations every month if you connect it online once. 

Let’s check out a few key features regarding Subway Surfers:

  • The game offers fast-paced gameplay with smooth and precise controls
  • Cool rewards and more to unlock
  • Daily and level-based challenges to overcome
  • Wide range of characters and accessories
  • Fantastic jetpacks, hoverboards, and more to keep you hooked

5. Plants Vs Zombies 2

Plants Vs Zombies is a legacy in the gaming world. However, the original Plants Vs Zombies iOS edition had numerous disadvantages. You can install Plants Vs Zombies 2 on your iPhone in case you want to feel nostalgic.

This easy-to-play game offers more than 300 levels and 11 worlds to explore. Additionally, it becomes more interesting and adventurous when it comes to shooting zombies. The best part is that you can download the game and enjoy it offline whenever you want, along with the perks:

  • The game is the best for killing your boredom
  • The difficulty of this game increases as you progress more
  • Improved graphics and accurate controls

6. Minecraft

If you don’t want to play puzzle games offline on your iPhone, then you can try something creative. Minecraft is one of the best offline iPhone games, and you can play it online as well.

You can build a farm and try surviving in a world of blocks. Minecraft has improved a lot over the years since its PC launch in 2009. Thus, players can find thrilling challenges and try their best to survive on Minecraft. Go for the latest update of Minecraft for your iPhone and enjoy your time-passing.

7. Badland

Puzzles are one of the undying genres in the gaming industry. Badland represents a puzzle game where you will find traps and dangers at every step. So, keep dodging pointy spikes, spinning blades, and more if you want to survive in Badland.

Otherwise, the ball will be shredded into pieces. Use the touch controls carefully to keep your ball safe. Pickups are available in the world with transformation properties. They can multiply you or make you smaller according to your pick-ups.

Here is what we like about Badland:

  • It’s one of the best and most challenging puzzles available
  • You can play the game offline
  • Aesthetically pleasing graphics
  • The game offers local multiplayer to enjoy the game with friends and family

8. New York Times Crossword

Do you have a knack for a crossword puzzle? If yes, then you should try the New York Times Crossword. You can access new crossword puzzles every single day. This doesn’t mean that you will lose the achievement of the past crossword ones.

The app lets you track your streaks. You can navigate to your latest victories from the app’s home screen. Additionally, the app will let you purchase special crossword deals. 

You can play it for free, but the subscription package offers more challenges and unlimited crosswords. 

Let’s check out the game’s specialities at a glance:

  • The game is the best to enhance your memory skills
  • A boon for those who love solving puzzles and crosswords
  • The app offers in-app purchases for further enhancements
  • One of the best games to pass your weariness

What’s More?

We recommend Monument Valley, Into the Dead 2, Vector 2, Civilisation VI, and Kingdom Rush for iPhone games. You can play these best offline iPhone games, and they don’t necessarily need an internet connection to work. Try them today and keep ranking!

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