Not everyone can save money. It requires a lot of self-control, determination and discipline to not give in to the vague urges. Saving money can be a herculean task for some people and is not as easy as most people will tell you. With the expenditures growing day by day, it is almost becoming an impossible task to save money anymore.

But thanks to our technology, now we have apps to help you save all the effort of going to financial advisors. These apps have been designed by developers to help you with saving money. Now, there are others that can help you make money, and for that, you can visit for the best ones around.

They will track your daily expenses and limit your spendings. Some apps will also set small financial goals for you. This includes leaving a little amount daily for short term plans like going on a vacation or buying a car, something like a Virtual Piggy Bank.

For Android and iOS Users 6 Best Apps: Install and Save Money

The apps below are not restricted to Android users, but iOS users can easily find them on the App Store. You do not even have to pay for it because they are free. 

  1. Acorns

    This app is really user-friendly and works on a simple procedure. It will push you to make micro-investments. So, with every purchase you make, the app makes you spare some change to save up.For example, say if you spent $2.75 somewhere, the app will round your expense to the nearest dollar. That is, your $2.75 purchase will be rounded off to $3.0 and transfer the extra 0.25 dollars to the app.

    For this, obviously you will need to link your accounts, debit cards, and credit cards. Basically, you need to join all your bank accounts with this app. Alongside this, you also need to set up an account with Acorn. 

    To allow you access to the app and transfer the extra change into your Acorn investment account where you will be having your savings, registering is the first step.

    Costs less than $1 to spare for every purchase you make.
    Joining bonus of $5 on setting up your account.

    Involves little to no risk.
    Available for both Android and iOS.

  2. Mint

    Mint is one great app that can help you monitor everything under one roof. From your bank accounts to your bills to budget, you can track them all. It is a free app and allows you no excuse to spend money. You can track your money in real-time, sometimes allowing you to see the money flow in and out instantly.

    The website for Mint is highly recommendable. So, you can use that too to manage your expenses instead of using the app. You may sometimes find that the mobile app setup is a bit different. That is because it also happens to be one of the oldest budget calculating applications.

    Real-time update of your account balance, bills, etc. So, you don’t have to keep refreshing a lot.

    The app sometimes gets a little hung up.
    Available for both Android and iOS.  

  3. Digit

    If you have trouble deciding how much money to put away for savings, then Digit can probably help you with this. This app will allow you to set a goal of relatively small amounts for events such as weekend getaways, rainy day funds, etc.

    Once you download the app, it will ask you to connect your bank account directly with the application. Do not worry because it happens to be a secure app. Digit uses its smart algorithms to analyze your income and plan the spending and saving budget.

    It will automatically pull out small amounts into the savings account that you will be creating with Digit. The accounts are all FDIC-insured accounts, thus minimizing the risks or chances of losing your money. Also, it promises you no overdrafts.

    Digit sends you daily notifications about your balance so you are updated with how much money is left with you.
    It is available for both Android and iOS users.

  4. Qapital

    Qapital is a money-saving app that allows you to invest money for the financial goals in your life. Especially, relatively big ones like buying a car or saving up for a dream vacation. So, it is somewhat similar to Acorns. However, it is more useful for relatively bigger investments and transactions.

    Also, you can set your own rules here. Like every time you decide to fill your car’s tank, 10% of the expense will be deducted from your bank to your Qapital account. So, it keeps reminding you to save up for your car.

    Every time you make a payment, there will be some amount being saved up for your car. Additionally, you can also plan your vacation leading to your dream destination. Once the goal is reached, you can withdraw the entire amount and put it to good use. 

    The app has customizable autosave rules for pretty much everything. You can set your own rules for transferring amounts. 

    Downsides: It will cost you $3 a month, after a free trial of 30 days (for the basic version).
    It is available for both Android and iOS users.

  5. Joy

    If you think you have a tight budget and cannot stretch it beyond a certain amount of money, use this app. This app is great for finding ways to save money that you thought you could not.

    This app is free to download from the App Store. It will analyze your spending habits along with your income. Based on the results, it will calculate how much money you can save daily. Furthermore, this won’t even break your budget.

    Unlike many other money-saving apps, Joy does not automatically make any money transfer. It will work on if you authorize the app to do so. It is always requested for authorization prior to making any money transfer to your Joy account.

    This app allows you to transfer all the savings once you are ready. The app will suggest you reach a minimum amount in order to make the transfer.

    Downsides: There are no potential downsides other than the general risks that come with giving the app access to your bank account.
    It is only available on the App Store and meant for iOS users.

  6. Kidfund

    This app, as the name suggests, helps you to save money for your child’s future. Whatever may be the goal, these savings always come handy when your child’s higher education demands it.

    What this app allows you to do is that it allows you to make periodic investments of a fixed amount. This way the app will help you to save up a lump sum amount. This will further allow you to spend it when your child’s career needs it. 

    In fact, you can even request others like your friends, family to fund your kid’s future. They can do so directly through Kidfund by following your kid’s account. They can leave gift amounts for your child on occasions like birthdays, holiday seasons, etc. 

    You can have a dedicated account opened with Kidfund to make a good amount of savings for your child’s future. You can also do it for more than one kid. Set a rule to gift a fixed amount periodically in a year – weekly, monthly or even yearly. And when the time finally arrives, you will have a big chunk of money waiting to help your child pursue his dreams.

    Upsides: This app allows more than one person to contribute money for your kid.
    It is only available to iOS users.