If you are wondering how to save up battery life on your iPhone, you may just want to run till the end of the day. It is technically hard to remove or replace your phone’s battery but is quite easy to maintain your Lithium-ion battery. Most of the smartphones today do not give access to make any changes to your battery. This includes all the variations of iPhones and many flagship Android phones from brands such as Samsung, RedMi, Google Pixel.

Apple is one of the biggest brands in the world, but no one is perfect. Isn’t it? More or less every big brand runs the company despite having weakness and imperfection. We previously got a hint or few suspected that Apple is slowing down older iPhone’s performance and that turned out to be true.

Apple has acknowledged the fact that the iOS software slows down the performance of older iPhones. According to their statements, they do it to neutralize the issues found in aging lithium-ion batteries. They also explain that an old lithium-ion battery can’t hold a charge for a day and it can also shut down unexpectedly if run throughout the day without giving it the device time to rest.

Wanting to change your battery would sound a little inconvenient because the official battery replacements can be a little expensive. But you could change your battery if you want, it would also contribute to indirect but positive environmental changes. It is because smartphones are not environmentally friendly, so replacing a battery would make it bad, instead, you could just give it a try to maximize your battery life.

Before hopping into how to extend the battery life of your iphone, let’s have a look at a brief intro of Lithium-ion battery.

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Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-ion (Li-on) and the derivative lithium-ion polymer (LiPo) batteries are today the most popular version of battery used in mobile devices, tablets, and laptops. Compared to the previous battery version lithium-ion are much more efficient in many ways including longer battery life and faster charging.

“Batter Life” is the time span your device functions before it needs to be recharged.

And “Battery Lifespan” is the total amount of time your battery runs until it is necessary to replace it.

Most of the users having a device with a lithium-ion battery swiftly charge the first 80 – 90 percent and then unplug the charger leaving 10-20 percent which allows them to use the phone much before it is supposed to.

The second advantage that lithium-ion batteries hold is the fact that there is no more memory in the battery like the previous batteries, such as nickel-metal hydride(NiMH). NiMH batteries functions the best when they were completely discharged and then recharged again. Otherwise, if it was partially discharged it will eventually lose its full potential to get charged because the memory will take the smaller capacity of the partial recharge.

Now let’s roll on to learn how to maintain and extend your lithium-ion battery life.

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How to Extend and Maintain Battery Life on Your iPhone?

Now when we know about what a new lithium-ion battery does to the environment if replaced, as a responsible citizen we should learn how to extend the battery life of our iPhone and make it usable for a long time.

Avoid extreme temperatures :

Li-ion batteries are designed to function decently in 16t o 22 degrees Celcius (62 to 72-degree Fahrenheit and also till 32 degrees Celcius. Often cold temperatures can make a device temporarily experience reduced battery capacity and can also cause an unexpected shutdown, so extremely high temperatures of your battery can result in permanent damages. So try not to leave your phone in hot or fully enclosed areas.

You can use good covers to make sure that your phone can restrict airflow and hold in heat within. The phone generates an extra amount of hit while charging and you can neutralize it in such cases by using good cover.

Charge your phone to 50 % for long-term storage

A lithium-ion battery, when charged at 50 %, is said to have the healthiest of charge. In case you want to extend your phone’s use for an expanded period, you can charge it to 50 % before storing it or turning it off. Storing the energy when the battery is drained can make it go below 2.5 volts per-cell opening whereby the battery will stop holding a charge altogether.

While wanting to do this, place your device in a cool and moisture-free environment which is less than 32-degree Celcius (90 degrees F). Once you take it out from storage, you may need to charge it for at least 20 minutes or more with the original adapter before you can use it.

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Turn Down the Screen Brightness

This will let you save charge of your battery life if you want to use it for the whole day despite of heavy mobile use. You have to start with keeping your phone dim and change the interface from white to dark. The light which brightens your phone from inside actually consumes a lot of battery, and there are a few apps that use a lot of battery, so you must keep an eye on your app usage.

Here is how to manage your screen

  • Head to Settings and then Display & Brightness
  • Click on Display & Brightness and reduce the brightness as much possible.
  • Reset the Auto-lock feature to a shorter time span, to save your charge.
  • And turn off Raise to Wake 
  • You can use the dark mode if you are using the latest iPhone verison, it could help you save a lot of battery and gives you extended time of using your mobile. (Dark theme could potentially lower down your usage and help you to save battery for an extended period)

iPhone Battery Settings

Here you will find which are the apps that is draining your battery or using it more compared to other apps and if you want you can limit the use of those apps consuming more power than needed. You can disable or uninstall the apps which are taking more than it may need.

Here is how to Change

  • Navigate to Settings and then Battery
  • Click on the battery menu to look at the Battery Usage by App
  • Tap on the list of the app by switching to Activity By App and check which are the ones using more battery.
  • Secondly, go to Maximum Capacity which helps in analyzing how the battery is behaving compared to when it was new. Maximum charge will reduce with the battery getting older.
  • You can also visit the Peak Performance Capability, which determines whether or not your iOS is controlling your iPhone’s processor to make room for battery capacity.

Avoid Quick charging method

Many users don’t know that charging your phone fast creates stress on the battery and in the long-term, you won’t be able to use it if you opt for a fast charging method. And fact says the slow charging can help you to expand your battery life span eventually. So you must completely avoid fast charging your iPhone.

Coming  to a conclusion

Here we have discussed about several potential methods that can really help you out to save your battery and use it for a longer time and to increase your iPhone’s battery life. Those who have an obsession with your iPhone’s battery can follow the methods and make it better. 

So, we have come to an end of the article on How to Extend Battery Life on Your iPhone: Maintaining Your Lithium-Ion Battery and I really hope this could help out your battery saving issues.