Apps Like Grain

Grain is an iOS-based application that offers a line of credit to those who don’t have a credit score. This lending platform checks your account primarily and lets you access the credit you might be looking for. 

The best part about Grain Credit is that it doesn’t ask for your credit score. After all, you might not have a credit score right now and require some line of credit.

With Grain, you can transfer the credit to the linked account safely. No doubt, Grain makes your financial status feasible. Additionally, Grain charges 15% APR and assists how in managing their expenditure. 

However, this application is available for iOS devices only. So, you might be searching for apps like Grain if you own an Android device. On the other hand, Grain has received some mixed reviews, and you are after a better platform.

This guide mentions trusted alternatives to Grain. The following apps offer secure and insecure credit lines in the market. Moreover, you can discover financing options such as crowdfunding and regular loans through these apps. 

Let’s get started:

1. Petal Card

Don’t you have a credit score? Well, you can opt for a Petal Card and it’s similar to a Visa card. Yet, a Petal Card isn’t a secured card. Currently, the Petal Card is available in two versions. The first will allow a limit between $3000 and $5000 for users, and they won’t have to pay annual fees. Additionally, this policy is for those who have no established credit before.

If you are building your credit, then the above-mentioned policy is not for you. Instead, you can opt for the second Petal Card option. This permits accessing credit within a range from $3000 to $10000. Here, borrowers don’t have to pay any annual fee.

2. Grid Money

This is one of the most positively reviewed apps like Grain. The best part is that Grid Money is available for both Android and iOS devices. Moreover, Grid Money allows you to access cash, spend wisely, build credit, and manage your tax files. The app offers a simple interface to work with, and you need not go for a credit check on your account with Grid.

You can build credit with BoostCard on Grid. The app offers up to $200 in advance to borrow. In addition, you can purchase Grid+ membership to borrow unlimited advances. The membership costs only $10 every month. Moreover, you can also get your tax refund early with the help of Grid Money

Just fill out your financial and other details in the app, and you’re good to go. 

3. Tellus

Tellus is a feature-rich platform and one of the top apps like Grain. The application lets you build credit, and its feature-rich yet simple user interface makes the overall experience seamless. 

You can manage your financing on Tellus. Besides this, it helps you build a financial portfolio. Thus, you can establish investments on Tellus and get the required credit. 

Moreover, the application lets you make money with an APY of up to 3%. Are you a property owner and keep renting your places to others? Then, you can try Tellus to manage your properties and their financing. 

4. Unifimoney

This can be a perfect match to your search if you are looking for apps like Grain. Unifimoney offers to link your account to your credit line. It’s super convenient to use and has a quick sign-up platform. 

Once you sign up for the platform, a high-interest checking account with a credit card gets issued. In addition to this, you can use an investment platform via Robo. This investment feature enables a passive and short-term income to users. 

You can reap long-term benefits through this investment facility. Moreover, the app merges all your accounts in one place, showing you the best probable output of the management.

The main drawback of Unifimoney is that it’s available on the App Store only.

5. Chime

Chime can be your suitable financial management application. And, this app is supported by both iOS and Android devices. Chime provides banking products such as early wage access, checking accounts with zero balance, automatic savings systems, and more.

How does Chime work? It teams up with regional banks to offer competitive products and benefits. Therefore, it can be a better option for those who conventional banks might have rejected. You can handle all your financial needs and assets on the intuitive banking platform from Chime.

You can install this app for free and use it. And, You can access an overdraft of up to $200 with Chime. Moreover, you need not pay any fee for that. Get your paycheck 2 days earlier with a direct deposit setup on Chime.

6. Earnin

This app is another option to get cash before it’s payday. Get an advance on your paycheck and manage your finances with Earnin. Just link your bank account to the app, and the app will charge you when your paycheck arrives. 

The benefit of signing up with Earnin is that you can get money without paying additional fees, interest, administration fees, and overall credit checks.

The application procedure is quite simple, and you need to give a tip of up to $14. Moreover, you can adjust the tip value according to your circumstances. Next, Earnin allows you to connect to your bank account and issue a credit card. It also adds the employer from where you get the paycheck. Verify your work email and location to get started.

Earnin also verifies your debit card, working hours, and bank account. The withdrawal limit is $100 per day. And, you can draw up to $5000 per paycheck.

7. Dave

Do you want to find out whether you are eligible for a loan? Connect to Dave, and this app will check whether you are eligible and allow you to get short-term loans. Get your unexpected and emergency expenses covered with Dave, one of the popular apps like Grain. You need to connect Dave to your bank account, and it will start analysing the spending pattern.

Then, it checks your eligibility for a short-term loan. So, Dave is a great option if you’re out of cash right now. Yet, you have to pay higher interest rates with every borrowing from Dave. Hence, make sure to pay every loan as soon as possible.

Summing Up…

Hopefully, these apps like Grain might have been enough for your convenient credit search. Compare these apps as per the benefits they serve and the potential risks they possess to get the right match for you. Finally, you should check out users’ reviews and compatibility for hassle-free use and emergency credit borrowing.

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