Apple TV vs Roku

The age of cable TV has gone. In today’s online world, streaming platforms have taken over that spot. With more quality content than that on cable TV, its popularity is very justified. Also, its usability is very easy. All you need is an internet connection and an account on that streaming platform. 

If you are watching on mobile you can watch it directly from the respective platforms. However, if you are planning to enjoy the shows on your big TV in HD quality, then you will need something more. You will need a streaming device. 

There are many good streaming devices available in the market. But, among all of them, the two of the best ones are Apple TV and Roku. Many of you may be having the confusion about which one to go for. You don’t have to worry. In this article, I will clear this confusion by doing an Apple TV vs Roku. So, let’s see which one comes at the top.

Apple TV Vs Roku

With the help of these streaming devices, the streaming process has become very easy these days. Many of these streaming devices have opted to go cordless. Sometimes this can be a problem for the user to set up. However, these two have not gone completely cordless. For these devices, you have to plug it into your TV to play it. So, let’s try to understand these devices, and see which one is the better option for you. 


Roku comes with a lot of options for everyone. Whatever may be your requirement, be it a 4K smart TV, or an economical option for a streaming stick, Roku has always an option ready for you. Due to this reason, there are almost 27 million users as seen in January of 2019.

Another good thing about Roku is its remote and simple interface. It has a single menu that displays all the streaming apps. The menu has large icons that make it easier for users of all age groups to navigate.

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All the Roku devices have the most popular streaming platforms preloaded. This list of streaming platforms contains names like Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and many others. Besides these popular platforms, there are many other Roku channels. At the time of setting up the device, it explains clearly about the options it provides.

Most of the streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon require you to buy a subscription to avail their services. However, if you are not willing to pay any money for entertainment, then you can visit one of the free channels of Roku. These channels offer many mainstream movies, cartoons, local news, horror, sports, etc.    

Roku Devices

All the devices of Roku come along with a remote, and they also support the Roku app. The mobile app for Roku is one of the best features of Roku. With the help of this app, you can use your mobile phone as a secondary become control device. You can also use it as a listening device for your TV. You can plug your headphones into your mobile, and you can listen to your TV without disturbing anyone. 

The starting model of the Roku device, which is called HD Roku Express, is priced at $29.99. Roku Express+ is priced at $35 and it is useful for those who are having an old TV set that has no HDMI port. This model supports the use of composite cables. The next device is called Roku Premier, which is priced at $39.99, and supports 4K pictures. All of these devices are shaped like a small box, which is to be kept beside your TV set.

The next line of products from Roku is the Streaming Stick and the Streaming Stick Plus. These are the most option offered by Roku. You can just plug in the device to your TV and you are good to go. The Streaming Stick costs $49.99 and supports HD videos. And the Streaming Stick Plus comes at $59.99, and it supports 4K videos. However, if you are having a bigger budget, you can try the Roku Ultra. 

Roku Ultra comes at $99.99, which is not cheap at all, but it will allow you a better reception of the Wi-Fi network. 

Apple TV

Apple TV offers much simpler choices as compared to Roku. It offers only two products to the customers. The only thing you have to consider before selecting the product is whether you want to play 4K videos or not.  

It does not come with a physical remote, but both of the devices have Siri Remote on them. With its help, you can do voice searches and also control the volume of your TV. It describes the process of navigation at the time of setting up the device. This will take some time to get habituated to.

At the top of the menu, you will see the Apple content: settings, app store, music movies, etc. Then at the bottom of these options, you will find the options for streaming platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix. For other streaming platforms, you have to download each of them from the app store individually. Like Roku, Apple TV does not have a huge number of free streaming platforms. It has very few of them like Crackle, etc. 

It has a tiny and beautiful Siri Remote which really looks premium. This remote is used to control the TV and has buttons as well as touch options. 

The Devices Of Apple TV

There are only two options for Apple TV devices in the market. These devices are Apple TV and Apple TV 4K. The Apple TV comes at $149. It supports 1080p videos and comes with a storage of 32GB. And the Apple TV 4K comes at $179 for the 32GB version, and the 64GB version comes at $199. Apple TV 4K supports 4K videos and the display really looks beautiful. 

Comparative Analysis 

Now, we have come to the end of Apple TV vs Roku, and it is time to decide which one is better. Both Roku and Apple TV are capable of casting. However, Roku is capable of casting only music, movies, and photo files which are saved on your mobile phones. But, the Apple TV is able to cast anything from the iOS and the MacBook devices onto the Apple TV. So, in a matter of casting of content, the Apple TV is much better than Roku. 

Now, if you consider the amount of content each one has to offer, then Roku is way ahead of Apple TV. Roku has the widest variety of content among any device present in the market. Apart from the popular streaming platforms, there are also some private channels that you can watch. 

The price difference between the starting range product of the two is about $120. This is a huge difference and it cannot be ignored. At the price range of Apple TV, you can have the Roku 4K Ultra. 

So, by considering all the things, according to me Roku is the most appropriate option. Apart from the casting features, Roku is way more superior to Apple TV. It will give you many more features for much lesser money.

However, if you are a dedicated user of the iTunes store, then you should definitely go for the Apple TV. 


So, as you saw from the Apple TV vs Roku, that Roku is the better choice if you consider a head-to-head comparison. But for a dedicated iTunes store user, Apple TV will be the better choice. Hence, it is up to you now to decide which ones you should go for.