Samsung TV Black Screen Problem

The black screen on your Samsung TV is a temporary issue in most cases. Moreover, you might usually be able to fix it by yourself with simple troubleshooting steps. So, you need not necessarily contact a technician to fix this issue. All you must do is apply the appropriate solutions depending on the cause of the problem.

Are you looking for some ways to fix the Samsung TV black screen by yourself? Then, try out the simple yet effective solutions given below to fix the issue. You can always rely on professionals to identify and fix the problem if you fail to do so.

What Causes the Samsung TV Black Screen Issues and How to Fix it?

There are various possible reasons for the black screen issues on your Samsung TV. That might include problems with the input source, cable, or hardware, among other things. You might also need to disable sleep mode in some cases to fix this issue effectively.

So, the solution to this problem is not the same in all cases. You might have to apply one or more of the following fixes depending on the cause of the problem:

Check for Power Supply Issues

Does your TV’s screen remain blank when you try to power it on? Then, you must check for any issues with the power supply and fix them if you find any. Make sure the power cable is firmly plugged into the power outlet if you have not done that already.

If that does not work, you can also try reconnecting the cable to the outlet or connecting it to a different one.

Check for any damages to the cable if you cannot turn your TV on. You might need to get the cable replaced with professional help if that is required. Try out the next solutions if there is no issue with the power supply to your TV.

Fix All the Cable Connection Issues

You might be using various cable connections with your Samsung TV. So you must make sure that they are connected properly if the screen remains blank.

Reconnect all of them to your TV and check whether that does the trick. You might need to replace the cables if the problem persists even when they are connected properly.

In this case, you must check for any issues especially with the HDMI cable. After all, the black screen issue might indicate a problem with the HDMI cable or connection. You might also want to check on the HDMI ports if the cable seems to be fine.

Use a Different HDMI Port

You would usually find multiple HDMI ports on your Samsung TV, which can be useful in this situation. Insert the HDMI cable into a different port than the one it was connected to previously.

Does that fix the black screen issue in your case? If yes, then the port you are using earlier is probably damaged. Otherwise, the problem might lie with the cable or somewhere on the TV.

Fix any Problems with the Source (Cable Box, DVD Player, etc.)

The problem might not necessarily lie in the TV if the cable connections are fine. So you must also check for any issues with the source. You can do that in various ways on your Samsung TV, the simplest one is by pressing the Menu button.

Are you able to open the menu on your TV? If yes, then the black screen issue might indicate a problem with the source.

Turn the source off for a minute if it seems to have faced a problem. Then turn it back on and check whether the Samsung TV black screen issue persists.

You must consider connecting the TV to another source if this solution does not work. If the other source works without any issues, that means you might have to repair or replace the first one.

Change the Input Settings

The problem you are facing can also occur due to problems with the input settings. So, you must check whether that is the case or if the previous fixes were ineffective.

You usually have to press the Source button on the remote for that on Samsung TVs. This should open the source settings on your screen, and you must make the necessary changes.

Make sure you have set the right input on your TV depending on the one you are using. If it was set to a different input, that explains the black screen issue you have been facing.

Also, you can simply change between various inputs until you get a solution. This should do the trick if the problem has something to do with the input settings.

Disable the Sleep Timer or Power Saver

Your Samsung TV’s screen might have gone black simply because you have enabled the sleep timer. In that case, you must consider disabling the timer, especially if you have set it unknowingly. Moreover, the Samsung TV black screen issue might also occur due to the power saver mode.

So, you must consider disabling the power saver if it is turned on. Press the Menu button and navigate to the Time section in the System settings. Then, click on the Sleep Timer option and disable it if you find it enabled.

Go back to the Settings menu and open the General and Privacy section. Do you find the power saver enabled in the Power and Energy Saving settings? If yes, then turn it off before checking on the black screen issue again.

Update Your Samsung TV’s Software

You must maintain the latest software on your Samsung TV if you want optimal performance. After all, you might face various issues, including a black screen due to outdated software.

So, updating the software might offer an effective solution to the Samsung TV black screen issue. You must give that a try, especially if the aforementioned fixes did not work in your case.

Press the Menu button and click on the Support option in Settings. Then select Software Update there and start the update by selecting Update Now.

Your Samsung TV will restart automatically after installing the latest software on it. Check whether the black screen issue persists after that.

Restore the Factory Settings

You can simply reset your Samsung TV’s settings if nothing else fixes the black screen. This can be a very effective solution, but you might want to use it only as a last resort. After all, you would have to configure the TV all over again after resetting it.

Did you fail to fix the issue with any of the previous solutions? Then go to the Support section in Settings and select the Self Diagnosis option there.

You can find the Reset option there and use it whenever you are ready. Confirm your decision to perform a factory reset and wait while your TV completes the procedure.

Contact a Reliable Professional

You must get a professional inspection for your Samsung TV if all of the solutions given here fail. Getting a timely repair might help you ensure a long-lasting solution to the black screen problem. So, you must contact a professional technician without any further delay. You might also need to replace the TV in some cases.

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