Your fashion statement isn’t what it was 5 years ago, so why should your website be out of date? A website that conveys the right message will take your business places. Websites are among the most vital marketing tools and must evolve with time to suit your business.

First impression is everything! A website ought to clearly impart the intended information while looking good and being easy to use. Hire a website design company that makes the customer go “This is it!” when they visit yours. Moreover, it should always be looking for new users and customers.

8 reasons to work with a website design company to redesign your website

1.Doesn’t resonate with your brand image

Well, then why does it exist? The website is the only asset that promotes your business around the clock. You might be catering to the wrong clientele if the imagery of the website is dated. Think about rebranding if the offerings of your brand have evolved.

2.You’re drawing the wrong clients

Sadly, you’re taking the wrong position in the market if you are not attracting the clients you want to work with. A competent website design company will help you curate the best of your work on your website. With all due respect, nobody wants to look at unnecessary editorials and family portraits, etc. Instead, go for the latest images on the homepage that speak of the latest projects you are undertaking. This move will reduce the number of unnecessary inquires and replace them with meaningful ones. Ensure a consistent theme of colors, fonts, icons, etc., throughout the website. 

3.Over-the-top website layout

Is there such a thing? Of course, there is. Yes, you tried your best to create some uniqueness with the help of an excellent digital marketing Dubai  expert. But there might be a chance that you went too far from a basic structure, and now things aren’t where they are supposed to be. Yes, websites need to look good and unique, but it’s a lot about functionality. The menu, the logo (linked to the home page), and the slider are usually found for a reason – so that users can find their way around your website. If users are unable to find things, they’ll leave, and you don’t want that. 


The human mind needs consistency for things to make sense. There should be uniformity between the tonality, tenses, colors, and fonts for the audience to stay and peruse the content. Inconsistency translates into distrust. Redesign each section and page so that they complement the other, making it a welcome and accessible place for your potential customers.

5.High load time

This isn’t the time for slow things as patience wears thin. If your website takes more than 4 seconds to load, you might want to consider redoing it. Several items such as unoptimized images, dated themes, heavy content, and deficient hosting lead to slow loading speed. Check out new and fast templates for your websites (if made on one) or ask your developer team to make it faster. 

6.High bounce rate

You know what’s heartbreaking? You put a lot into your website that attracts loads of traffic, but users leave as soon as they browse through the homepage. That is what bounce rate is, if you’re wondering. A high bounce rate means you’re losing potential clients and convertible leads. If your website’s bounce rate is high, there’s something wrong with the navigation, content, or overall website appearance. Depending on your industry, a bounce rate between 40 to 60 percent is considered alright. If it is more than 70%, you should redesign your website. You may quickly check the bounce rate online.

7.It’s unattractive

Just plain or ugly things do not appeal to anyone. Additionally, if your website is not pleasant to look at, it might make the customers question the quality of your products or services. While content matters a lot, the design is equally important, if not more. A sure-fire way to ensure that your website works is to create it in a way that looks attractive from the word go.

8.It’s not SEO optimized

Your website looks good and has all the features. But does it have a blog? If not, you should start one because it’s a great marketing tool to attract more users to your website. Blog posts can be integrated with keywords, backlinks, and internal links that connect pages and help direct users to the desired pages. 

Search engines like Google assign a rank to your website depending on the quantity and quality of your content. Therefore, good quality content posted regularly is an excellent way to make pages of your website rank on popular search engines. 


Here are 8 reasons why you need to update your website in 2021. Also, read why you need to work with a website design company to overhaul your online presence. 



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