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Technology has done more for us in the modern age than we ever could have imagined. Decades ago, people believed that technology marked the end of times and had something to do with the Anti-Christ. However, just four decades later, technology has taken humankind to new heights. The way it has transformed our life is almost unbelievable. Not only have we progressed more than ever before, but with the help of automation and modern-day technology, we continue to make strides in development. Be it traveling from one place to another or reaching the stars, contributions of technology are infinite.

Without a doubt, digital marketing is one of the most notable contributions of technology. Marketers are now adopting extraordinary measures to reach their customers. They are even capable of predicting their customers’ future needs to implement improvements in the existing products. It would not be wrong to say that most technological developments aimed to make business processes easier and convincing. Businesses can make more and more money by incorporating digital marketing techniques. With the increase in the use of online platforms, the majority of people prefer to purchase their products through online mediums. Online ads, promotional campaigns, and social media pages are more responsive in promoting target products.

With every passing year, the increased use of digital technology has made traditional marketing techniques such as billboards, radio, newspapers a thing of the past. With digital marketing taking the world by storm, we present four compelling reasons to prefer digital marketing over traditional marketing in this article.

1. Track your progress

Traditional marketing techniques tended to be somewhat one-directional. Companies would put up banners and billboards to draw consumer attention, but sometimes these techniques didn’t work, and even if they did, how would one know? There was no way to monitor how many people were receptive to a billboard or TV ad; you had to take somewhat of a leap of faith and hope that things would work out for you.

In modern times, digital marketing has helped us to interact with global consumers by identifying their interests and views about the product. Similarly, with the rise in digital marketing campaigns, marketers can attract customer traffic within a couple of minutes. They even use website traffic checker tools to examine and evaluate the increase or decrease in consumer traffic. It further enabled them to analyze the popularity of their product among consumers. Marketers are also able to identify the type of promotional content that remains popular among the target audience. Through digital marketing, it is far easier to read consumers and their preferences. It is indeed a great source to help save time and reduce wastage of resources.

2. Reach your target audience directly

Old school marketing involved a one size fits all advertising method. Even if your target market includes the elderly population, other population categories like children, young adults, and middle-aged people might see the same content. Although this was an absolute waste of time, it proved to be fruitful for many years. However, keeping in mind the current business dynamics, such a strategy does not stand up against digital marketing strategies which we use today.

Since modern times demand modern solutions, digital marketing has enabled marketers to promote their products among the target audience only. One of the finest and most common examples is that of social media marketing. Ads now focus on the demographic information you give to the media site while signing up for the account. The social media algorithm then works to broadcast advertisements to the relevant market only. In other words, the right people view the advertisements at the right time.

3. Cheaper Mode of Marketing

Running ads on TV and paying the rent for billboard spaces could significantly impact a company’s budget. Especially in the case of business startups, cost-ineffective marketing methods can drain their finances. Compared with traditional marketing, digital marketing is considerably cheaper as the entire payment scheme is substantially less than what you might have been used to in the past. With the proven cost-effectiveness, a digital marketing campaign can definitely result in making huge sales.

Therefore, if you are looking to save costs yet still get your company’s name out there, consider a digital marketing solution instead of traditional marketing. It is considerably more user-friendly and cheaper as well. A successful digital marketing campaign often results in attracting massive traffic. One such example is Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign, which focused on user-generated content. The company gained approximately 12.9 million posts on various social media platforms with the hashtag #shotoniPhone without even investing a penny through this campaign. It further resulted in an increased number of followers, likes, and shares on Apple’s social media pages.

4. The industry is growing

You always want to invest in a growing trend before it gets saturated. One of the worst strategies is to invest at the wrong time or to water a dead plant. With the increase in digital marketing trends and approaches, business persons find unique ways to increase their brand value. Besides, most of the companies are gaining popularity by ensuring their online presence.

According to a study, compared with the traditional economy, the digital economy is going ten times faster. Also, many companies are now engaged in online trading resulting in creating increased job opportunities. Digital marketing has further enabled business persons to mold their business models following market research.


With the rise in digital technology, an increased number of people prefer digital marketing as the most trustable source to promote their businesses. The use of digital marketing techniques is not only limited to new business ventures. Even some of the top-rated companies prefer to make considerable investments to increase their online engagement.

It’s always a great idea to invest in the technologically secure option, primarily because the excess to technology is available for almost every other person. Undoubtedly, digital marketing has enabled various brands to ensure real-time communication with their consumers and made business operations a lot easier than ever before.

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