Running a house is a herculean task. Moving to a new house is exciting and tiring at the same time. There are innumerable tasks at hand. Doing all the tasks by yourself gets irksome. When you move you begin to know your new surroundings. You should make efforts to make your new house a “home.” It is important to have knowledge about basic home maintenance tips. Every homeowner must know these 11 things to stay safe. From interiors and exteriors, homeowners should use these ideas for home maintenance.

1. Locating Main Water Shut-off Valve:

Most homes have a separate shut off valves for their kitchen sink and toilets. It is important to know where the main shut off valve is located. This is helpful during emergency situations. In case you face leaks, knowing where the main shut off valve helps. You can easily put off the valve when leaks occur. This helps save water and avoid damage to your house.

2. Get Away With Pests:

You will not like dealing with pests in your new home. Having knowledge about pests native to your area helps get rid of them with ease. You can hire professional plumbers for pest control services. They have good knowledge and can keep pests at bay with the right tools.

3. Replacing Locks for Safety:

Homeowners should know how to replace locks when moving to a new house. This is important as it helps stay safe. Replacing locks ensures keys offered by previous owners won’t open locks in your new home. With technological advancement, you have smart locks in the market today. These locks use codes to lock and unlock doors. It is important to use smart locks instead of normal keys to lock your home. This keeps thefts at bay and ensures your belongings are safe.

4. Switching Off Main Supply of Utilities:

You will face plenty of situations that would need you to turn off the main supply in your house. It is important to switch off the circuit at the breaker when installing a new light fixture. Installing a new gas stove will need you to turn off the main supply. It is crucial to turn off the main gas supply when not in use to avert danger.

5. Changing Air Filters:

You will know when exactly to replace air filters with the help of the HVAC owner’s manual. Having allergic reactions or pets at home means frequent changes of air filters. This ensures you have clean air inside your house. This helps maintain fresh air inside your house. This home maintenance task is simple. It is imperative to note the size of your current filter before buying a new one.

6. Check For Rot and Molds:

It is important to keep an eye on your bathroom and kitchen area to avoid water damage. You must ensure that the caulking is sealed and replaced on time. Rot and mold occur when water penetrates layers behind walls. This can lead to expensive renovation work. To avoid shelling out money on renovation, get away with molds.

7. Regularly Inspecting Window Seals:

Homeowners should take steps in maintaining doors and windows. This is crucial to keep your home safe and save money. The seal between the window and door frame gets damaged over time. It becomes imperative to regularly inspect doors and windows. Homeowners must check for repairs and replacements on time. This saves effort and time in the long run. Keep an eye on moisture inside window frames.

8. What Cleaning Supplies to Use:

Cleaning supplies available in the market come in different forms. Every cleaning supply is different and used for various purposes. Homeowners should know what each surface in your home is made of. It is imperative to use cleaning supplies that won’t damage floors. Homeowners having hardwood flooring should use cleaners suited for the flooring.

9. Unclogging Sinks:

Clogged sinks are annoying and trying to clean them on your own gets tough. The best way to unclog sinks is by using a plunger. If this doesn’t work, try calling professional plumbers. They are available anytime during an emergency. Don’t waste time and effort trying to deal with clogs yourself. Call qualified plumbers to get the issue fixed in a jiffy.

10. How to Get Out of Your Home During Emergency:

Knowing how to get out of your house during an emergency is crucial for every homeowner. In case of a fire, you will need to have knowledge about the homes exit plan. This helps homeowners stay safe during major emergencies. The sleeping area of the house must have one exit. Exit should be created at the door or window that connects to the exterior. A good exit plan should be created for all kinds of emergencies.

11. Storing Important Contacts:

With technological advancements, homeowners save important contacts on their phones. At times phone gets damaged and it gets difficult to memorize contacts. Making a list of contacts and placing it on your walls comes in handy. The contact number of your family physician ensures they reach home during an emergency.

Settling down in your new house and ensuring everything runs smoothly isn’t easy. These are a few things you must consider for home maintenance. With this home maintenance checklist, you can handle important things first. This helps homeowners stay safe and hassle-free in their new homes.